egg | ttamagoya

egg | he/they \ 18+

I'm ttamagoya/egg, i like to do art and stuff!

i try to be active on social media though i'm not the best at it (´・ω・`)
you can find me most often on Twt or Discord!



Design/Adoptable TOS
By owning one of my designs, you also agree to abide by these rules, thank you!

Do not claim my designs as your own
Please provide proper credit to my toyhouse or other social media!

Trades/Reselling/Gifting is allowed.
However, do not resell for over the initial amount if extra artwork is not included.

Commercial use is not included in my designs unless explicitly stated or discussed
I retain intellectual property rights to the artwork and may use it in self-promotional ways

If you ask for a hold and then back out, you will be blacklisted from any future hold requests.

Commission TOS

Do not claim my art as your own
Please provide proper credits to my toyhouse or social media

Inform me if making any substantial edits (Simple edits like adding a bg, filter, etc is ok)

Upfront payment is expected before any work is done.

WIPs are by default provided at the rough/clean sketch and lineart phase.
If more WIPs are desired, let me know beforehand!
Kofi donation sketches will not have any WIPs sent
Simpler commission types like minis might only have one wip sent.

No major revisions/changes are accepted once at the line and colour stage
You may request major revisions at the sketch stages, but once the refined sketch is approved there will not be any more major changes (etc pose change, complete overhaul of elements, etc)

Live2D TOS

Credit me for the rig
Please leave credit for me in a visible area! This can be on your twitter or twitch bio, etc!

Upfront payment is expected before any work is done.

Working files will not be distributed
Due to past mishaps, I no longer include the working file as a purchasable option. If you wish to make adjustments/updates on the existing model, do approach me about it!